Mini-Max Product Information

KeL-fil ImageThis page is intended as a supplement to the product entry for the Mini-Max line of filter products. The tables below contain Product Notes and information on Part Numbering and Reflow Profile.

Mini-Max filters feature maximum performance within a minimum package size. This line of filters is designed specifically for military or other high performance applications. The product line is standardized through design and packaging to provide engineers with filters that ideally suit their high performance needs and is featured in Filter Wizard.

Filter Wizard allows the user to search for and specify standard filters online and submit quote requests directly to the factory. Price and delivery will be provided within 24-48 hours. Filter Wizard generates response curves, outline drawings, tabular data and part numbers. Electrical performance and mechanical dimensions provided by Filter Wizard.

Filter Characteristics

Center Frequency 20 to 3000 MHz *See Note 1
Filter Type Chebyshev Bandpass *See Note 2
Number of Sections 2 to 6  
Bandwidth 3 to 20% *See Note 3
Attenuation Guaranteed to -60 dBc *See Note 4
VSWR 1.5:1 typical  
Package Style Open Frame Leadless Surface Mount *See Note 5

*Please refer to important information on the notes page

Product Information

Part Numbering
1. Number of Sections
2. Mini-Max Series
3. Filter Type
4. Package Width
5 = 0.5"
7 = 0.75"
5. Center Frequency in MHz
6. Supplemental Codes
H = 0.5 dB Bandwidth
U = 1 dB Bandwidth
T = 3 dB Bandwidth
7. Bandwidth in MHz
8. Software Version Number

Outline Drawings

See Filter Wizard.

Typical Reflow Profile
Installation Notes
  • When handling Mini-Max Products, avoid touching any solderable surface with bare hand or other contaminants as solderability may be reduced.
  • Mini-Max Filters are made of very durable materials. However, mishandling of the product will damage the device. Avoid forcing the product into place by any means.
  • Mini-Max Products can be cleaned via solvent based, aqueous, semi-aqueous, and alcohol based systems.
  • A typical reflow profile is provided above. The relative mass of all components should be considered when establishing a reflow procedure. Higher density board populations may take longer to achieve reflow temperatures.
  • All Mini-Max filters are assembled using SN96 high temperature solder. K&L recommends that customers use SN60 or SN63 or an equivalent during installation for signal and ground connections.
  • The rate of heating and cooling must be controlled to preclude thermal cracking of the devices. Processes, heating or cooling, should not exceed a rate of 200°C per minute. Spikes must not exceed 100°C maximum for any solder operation. Avoid forced cooling or contact with heat sinks, such as conveyor belts, metal tables or cleaning solutions, before the units reach ambient temperatures.

Product Notes

 Note 1
VSWR is typically 1.5 : 1.
 Note 2
Actual 3 dB bandwidth may be 5 - 10% wider than specified.
 Note 3
Attenuation levels are guaranteed to -60 dBc. Beyond -60 dBc, values given are theoretical.
 Note 4
In addition to bandpass filters, low pass and high pass filters are available in the mechanical configurations defined. Please contact the factory for availability.
 Note 5
The Mini-Max product line uses the standard capacitively coupled tank circuit. For more stringent requirements, other filter topologies and transfer functions are available.
 Note 6
Center Frequencies from 3000 MHz to 6000 MHz are available upon request.