Dover Scholarship Award

K&L Microwave (MPG Salisbury) has announced that Samuel S. Lawson, son of employee Chris Lawson, has been selected as a local winner of the Dover Sons & Daughters Scholarship. The Dover Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program recognizes outstanding high school seniors and current college students who are the children of Dover employees and who have demonstrated excellence through academic record, test scores, leadership abilities, extracurricular activities, and work record. Awardees may receive up to $10,000 in undergraduate scholarship support contingent upon maintaining academic and program eligibility.

Samuel is the seventh student from an MPG Salisbury family to receive the Dover Sons & Daughters Scholarship Award since its inception in 2012.

Present and Past Winners:

  • Samuel S. Lawson - 2016
  • Destiny M. Davis - 2015
  • Anna P. Shields - 2014
  • Christopher (Chris) M. Burkett - 2013
  • Katherine (Katie) E. Burkett - 2013
  • Joseph (Joe) A. Restein - 2012
  • Justin P. Shields - 2012

Congratulations to all!