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K&L Microwave Products

For the past 50 years, K&L Microwave has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave technology. Our global infrastructure includes sales and marketing facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, totaling 182,000 square feet.

K&L has consistently set the technological pace in the RF and Microwave industry through aggressive investment in research and development and capital investments in manufacturing technology, allowing us to continually introduce new products and improve existing products. K&L Microwave is strongly committed to providing the investments necessary to maximize the capabilities of engineering, manufacturing, administrative equipment and personnel to insure competitiveness and highest available quality.

As companies grow and expand, K&L's expert engineering staff and design teams work to develop technology that will meet customers' evolving needs.

WSFA-00038 - 450 MHz Receive Filter Assembly

Narrow Passband— 4.5 MHz (1.0%)
Low Passband Insertion Loss— 1.5 dB minimum
Excellent Rejection- 90 dB typical
Excellent LNA Power (Gain) Figure- 30 dB
High Return Loss- 20 dB typical

6 GHz Diplexer - 5WZ02-6400/7100-E28-O/O/V Custom Waveguide

A 6 GHz long-haul point-to-point radio diplexer.
Tunable over the 6.4 to 7.1 GHz band.
Maintains a constant bandwidth over the full band.
1.5 dB insertion loss and 85 dB Tx/Rx isolation.

38 GHz Diplexer - 6WZ01-39475/38775-E350-V/V Custom Waveguide

A 38 GHz short-haul waveguide point-to-point
with radio diplexer WR-28 Tx/Rx flanges.
Customer-specified circular antenna port
for easy mounting.

WSD-00503 - AMPS & DCS/UMTS Crossband Cplr (806-960 & 1710-2170 MHz)

Offers a high level of isolation and low insertion loss in an environmentally sealed package for external co-located AMPS & DCS/UMTS communication sites. Maximum passband power-handling is rated at 750 watts CW and 12kW peak instantaneous. Equipped with mounting flanges and designed for outdoor use.

WSF-00015 - AMPS A-Band Receive Filter (824-835 MHz)

Excellent Selectivity
Low Insertion Loss - 1 dB typical
Temperature Stabilized
Holds Specifications at Thermal Extremes

WSA-00016 - AMPS A-Band Receive System Assembly

High selectivity A-Band cellular filter assembly
Primary (824-835 MHz) and extended (845-846.5 MHz).
Compact 19" [482.6mm] x 3U rack chassis occupies much
less space than site filters of comparable performance.

WSA-00115 - AMPS A-Band RFFE Assembly

Very High Tx and Rx Path Selectivity
High Passband Return Loss - 20.1 dB min
High Isolation and Tx Power Handling
High LNA Output IP3 - +40 dBm min
Low Noise Figure - 3.4 dB max

WSA-00044 - AMPS B-Band High Selectivity Receive Filter Assembly

B-band receive filter (835 to 849 MHz) cascaded
with an extended A-band notch filter (845.25
to 846.25 MHz) for BTS receive filtering reducing
adjacent A-band interference.
19" [482.6mm] x 3U Rack-Mount Chassis

WSF-00002 - AMPS B-Band Receive Filter (835-849 MHz)

Excellent Selectivity
Low Loss; <1.0 dB Typical
Temperature Stabilized - Holds Specifications at Thermal Extremes


Full Duplex / Pseudo-Elliptic Response
Ultra-Low Noise Figure - < 1.6 dB Typical
Automatic Bypass Under Soft/Hard Fail Conditions
Integrated Assembly-to-BTS Lightning Protection
Fullband (25 MHz), A-band (22.5 MHz), or B-band (14 MHz)

WSN-00321 - AMPS Interference Notch Filter (824-893.7 MHz)

Dielectrically loaded waveguide elliptic design
High selectivity and low insertion loss
High power handling; DC bypass; temperature stabilized
Add-on between base station and tower-top amp/antenna
Passes full AMPS band; 40dB rej from 894.3 to 895.7 MHz

WSF-00016 - AMPS Extended A-Band Receive Filter (845-846.5 MHz)

Very Narrow Band - High Selectivity
Dielectrically Loaded Waveguide Design
Temperature Stabilized
Holds Specifications at Thermal Extremes

WSFA-00037 - AMPS Fullband Dual Receive Filter Assembly

Low Insertion Loss – 0.7 dB Typical
High Symmetric Rejection – 65 dB typical
Very Low Profile – 1.5” max. Height
Low Cost Design

WSD-00024 - AMPS Fullband Duplexer (Rx 824-849 & Tx 869-894 MHz)

High Power Handling
110 dB Minimum Isolation
Optional Rack Mount Assembly
Fits into 2U Rack Space

WSD-00025 - AMPS Fullband Duplexer (Rx 824-849 & Tx 869-894 MHz)

50 dB Minimum Isolation and Low Insertion Loss
Ideal for Microcell Applications
Small, Low Profile Housing
WSD-00022 Shown

WSD-00136 - AMPS Fullband Duplexer (Rx 824-849 & Tx 869-894 MHz)

High Isolation - 85 dB minimum
Low Insertion Loss - 0.7 dB typical
High Return Loss - 20 dB typical
Applications: Micro and Pico Cellular BTS,
as well as Test Stands and Equipment

FC Series - Filter in Connector

Custom Solutions for Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass,
and Notch Responses
Compact and Rigid - Filter Resides in an SMA Adaptor
External to Electronic Equipment and Easily Maintained
Power Handling 10 Watts CW

WSF-00145 - AMPS Fullband Receive Filter (824-849 MHz)

High Rejection Symmetric to Passband
Low Insertion Loss - 0.4 dB typical
Small Size - 5.44” x 3.69” x 2.9”
Preselect for Macro or Micro Cellular Systems
General Purpose Cellular Test Systems

WSF-00009 - AMPS Fullband Receive Filter (824-849 MHz)

Passband: 824-849 MHz
Low Insertion Loss - <1.5 dB typical
Compact, Low Profile Design
Wide Operating Temperature Range

WSF-00011 - AMPS Fullband Transmit Filter (869-894 MHz)

High Power Handling
Very Low Insertion Loss; <0.25 dB typical
Symmetric Rejection on Both Sides of the Passband
Very High Return Loss; 22 dB typical

WSF-00020 - AMPS Fullband Transmit Filter (869-894 MHz)

High Power Handling
High Rejection in Receive Band; 85 dB Typical
Very Low Insertion Loss; 0.25 dB Typical
Very High Return Loss; 22 dB Typical

WSF-00029 - AMPS Fullband Transmit Filter (869-894 MHz)

High Power Handling
Very Low Insertion Loss; 0.30 dB typical
Excellent Harmonic Rejection
Very High Return Loss; 22 dB typical

AMPS/DCS/PCS Transmit Combiner - AMPS/DCS/PCS Transmit Combiner

Narrowband CDMA (1.23 MHz), low loss,
mechanically-tunable multichannel combiner.
Models available in fullband AMPS (869 to 894 MHz),
sub-DCS (1840 to 1870 MHz) and fullband PCS
(1930 to 1990 MHz) bands, with 2, 3, or 4 channels.

WSA-00045 - AMPS/PCS Dual Band Duplexer

Simplifies dual band handset testing, or can
be used in dual band base station applications.
AMPS band 824 to 849 MHz and 869 to 894 MHz.
PCS band 1850 to 1910 MHz and 1930 to 1990 MHz.
Single receive, transmit and antenna ports.

B Series - Tubular Bandpass Filters

Economical Design / High Performance
2-8 Sections / 0.05 dB Chebychev Design
55 MHz to 6000 MHz / 3 dB BW 4-40%
Ruggedized Package Designs / See Dimensions
Use Filter Wizard for B Series