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K&L Microwave Products

For the past 50 years, K&L Microwave has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave technology. Our global infrastructure includes sales and marketing facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, totaling 182,000 square feet.

K&L has consistently set the technological pace in the RF and Microwave industry through aggressive investment in research and development and capital investments in manufacturing technology, allowing us to continually introduce new products and improve existing products. K&L Microwave is strongly committed to providing the investments necessary to maximize the capabilities of engineering, manufacturing, administrative equipment and personnel to insure competitiveness and highest available quality.

As companies grow and expand, K&L's expert engineering staff and design teams work to develop technology that will meet customers' evolving needs.

WSD-00292 - UMTS Duplexer (Rx 1920-1980 & Tx 2110-2170 MHz)

Full Band UMTS Duplexer
Low Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB Typical
High Isolation: 60 dB minimum
Small Size: 108mm x 60mm x 38.1mm

WSD-00327 - UMTS Duplexer (Rx 1920-1980 & Tx 2110-2170 MHz)

Low Insertion Loss: 0.8 dB Max
Highly Selective / High Isolation: 85 dB Min
Passband Group Delay Variation: 40 nS Max
Intermodulation Performance: -120 dBm Max
Compact Dimensions: 5.49” x 5.15” x 1.5”

WSN-00198 - UHF/VHF High Power Notch Filter (100-150 & 154-500 MHz)

Positioned at the Output of a VHF-UHF Amplifier
Maintains Low-Loss Passbands
Special Features to Extend the Upper Passband
Mixed Technologies Yield Compact and Rugged Design
Narrowband VHF Hi-Q Bandreject for Interference Mitigation

WSN-00278 - UHF High Power Notch Filter (100-490 & 510-800 MHz)

Protects the Receiver from Nearby Transmit Antenna
Eliminates Unwanted Spectral Product at Transmitter End
Interference mitigation of a high power
signal protects the receiver from de-sensitization.

WSN-00084 - UMTS Notch Filters (DC-1800 & 2260-2340 MHz)

Low Insertion Loss
100 watt CW Passband Power Handling
Excellent Rejection Over Full UMTS Band
Low Intermod Rejection of -120 dBc

WSF-00297 - UMTS TX Channel Filter (2110-2170 MHz)

Low Loss - 0.7 dB Typical
High Adjacent Channel Rejection; -10 dBc Typical @ 875 KHz from Passband Band Edges
Small Compact Size - Simple Mechanical Installation

Switched Delay Module - UMTS/PCS Switched Delay Module

3-Bit Control Compatible (CMOS / Most TTL)
Low Current Consumption
Surface Mount Technology
MCPA Feed Forward Error Correction Delay Compensation
Antenna Array

Up-/Down-Converter - Up-/Down-Converter

Narrowband and Wideband Filtering
Compact Size
Rugged Design for Military Applications
Terminated IF Diplexer for Maximum IP3 Performance
Frequency Ranges: 10 MHz to 18 GHz
Integrated Low-Noise Amplifiers and Switches
LO Pre-amp and Multiplexers

4LM10-40/XQ88-N/N - VHF High Power Triplexer

Handles 400W CW power simultaneously through all three channels into a 2.0:1 load. Insertion loss less than 0.5 dB over each channel passband: 40 - 50 MHz, 60 - 70 MHz, and 80 - 88 MHz. Isolation between channels specified at 20 dB minimum. Meets Military Shock/Vibration Requirements.

5WZ02-10700/11700-E24-O/O/V - 11 GHz Tunable Diplexer

This custom waveguide tunable diplexer for the
point-to-point radio market maintains a constant
bandwidth over the 10.7 to 11.7 GHz band with
1.5 dB insertion loss and 85 dB Tx/Rx isolation.

IT5C50-10700/11700-E24-O/O - 11 GHz Tunable Bandpass

This custom waveguide tunable bandpass filter
maintains a constant bandwidth of 24 MHz
with minimal insertion loss degradation
over a 1 GHz band..

3CP-7100/8500-V/V - Waveguide Coupler

Waveguide Directional Couplers allow signals to be split or sampled without leaving the waveguide medium.
This improves V.S.W.R. match and reduces insertion loss as compared to other types of couplers.
WR-137 to WR-28 and 3 dB to 40 dB coupling

SPCL-00353 - 7WPSP-9310/U20-V/V

WR-90 Waveguide
Three Filters in One Assembly
Applications: Military, Automated Landing System

38 GHz Waveguide - 38 GHz Waveguide

The 38 GHz bandpass filter is an example
of a bandpass waveguide filter with a
custom mechanical package.
See data sheet for additional examples and
more information.

9IR20-7500/X2000-O/O - Wide Band Interdigital Filter

Low Insertion Loss / Small Size
Sealing Available for Harsh Environmental Applications
Pin or Connector Input/Output available
Rugged Design for Military Applications
Custom Designs Available

2WP01-3700/T3-O/O - 2WP01-00002 [802.11 Wi-Fi] (3650-3700 MHz)

802.11 Wi-Fi 3650–3700 MHz Narrowband Filtering
2-Section Coaxial Waveguide Bandpass
Dual Iris Filter, 2 – 6 Sections Available
SMA, N, TNC, BNC, WG Connectors Available
Other Mechanical Packages Available

6IN40-897.5/X265-O/O - Wideband Notch Filter

Uses elliptic response lumped element design techniques to enhance broadband communications, from DC to 765 MHz and 1030 to 3500 MHz, while blocking out wireless communication traffic. Configurations include surface mount, cables, or connectors. Small sizes and custom packages available.

3DL25-4950/X100 - WLAN Surface Mount Dielectric Resonator

Commercial Dielectric
Low Loss
Small Size
Surface Mount
Temperature Stable

8KCMX0-00001 - WLAN Triplexer

Designed for Low Cost Applications
Cellular/PCS, 802.11b/g & 802.11a Frequency Bands
Channel Isolation > 40 dBc
Low Profile Packages / Surface Mount or Connectorized
Circuit Topologies Available for Other Cellular Applications

8KCMX0-00002 - WLAN Triplexer

Designed for Low Cost Applications
Cellular/PCS, 802.11b/g & 802.11a Frequency Bands
Channel Isolation > 40 dBc
Low Profile Packages / Surface Mount or Connectorized
Circuit Topologies Available for Other Cellular Applications

D3HBTM-100/164-1-N/N-ERI - VHF Ruggedized Bandpass

High "Q" / VHF frequency band 100 to 164 MHz.
Digitally-Controlled / Remote BCD Interface
When configured with a VHF Transceiver,
provides filtering solutions to eliminate
co-location interference.

WSD-00053 - WLL Duplexer, 2.4 GHz (Rx 2400-2420 & Tx 2460-2480 MHz)

55 dB Minimum Isolation
Low Insertion Loss - 0.7 dB typical
High Return Loss - 18 dB typical
Small, Compact Size

WSN-00049 - WLL Notch Filter (DC-2300 & 2320-2500 MHz)

40 dB Rejection Over 10 MHz Bandwidth
Low Insertion Loss - 2.0 dB maximum
100 watt CW Passband Power Handling
Ideal for Carrier Notching for Type Acceptance Testing

WSD-00241 - WLL/CDMA Duplexer, 1900 MHz (Rx 1890-1910 & Tx 1970-1990 MHz)

Low Passband Insertion Loss
Ultimate Rejection to 12.75 GHz
Over 90 dB Rejection Levels
China’s 1900 MHz WLL / CDMA-95 Microcell BTS

D3HBTM-225/400-0.3-N/N-BRI - UHF Autotuned Filter

Super Narrow 3 dB BW / High "Q", Low Loss
Digitally Controlled
Drive Voltages Include 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 110 VAC
Ruggedized Package Designed for Mobile Environments
See List of Remote Interfaces Available