400 MHz - 1 GHz

SPCL-00597 - Tunable Non-Reflective Bandreject Filter (700MHz-1GHz)

Tuning Range: 700 MHz - 1000 MHz
Harmonic Output: 1400 MHz - 4000 MHz (X2-X3-X4)
Input/Output Return Loss: -14 dB
Rejection: 40 dB (BW) = 10 MHz and 3 dB (BW) = 20 MHz
IP3: +100 dBm; Power Handling: 50 W CW

LTE/WiFi Test Box - Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable (700MHz - 6000MHz)

K&L has developed and is now shipping an LTE/WiFi testing solution digitally-controlled filtering system that can tune a bandpass filter anywhere in the 700 MHz to 6000 MHz range with continuously adjustable bandwidth. View latest video to see in operation.

MFA R&D Tunable - Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable (700MHz-1000MHz)

Allows passband centered at any frequency over tuning range while adding the capability to vary passband width. Upon input of desired frequency and bandwidth, tunes center frequency and adjusts bandwidth to provide a custom filtering solution on demand. Suitable for LTE and other test applications. The LTE/WiFi Test Box is the latest addition to this product family.

Low-PIM, High-Power - Filter Solutions for Monitoring Broadband Emissions

Enables monitoring of PIM to 13 GHz; 100W CW and 1KW peak
Near-end monitoring: Carriers rejected -90dB by the notch
travel through the bandpass filter to the low PIM termination.
Far-end monitoring: Carriers rejected -90dB by the highpass,
IM products passed are monitored by the spectrum analyzer.

Low-PIM, Low-Power - Filter Solutions for Monitoring Broadband Emissions

Bandpass/Bandstop, Notch, and Highpass
Compact Design for Rack Mounting of Several Bands
Suitable for Monitoring Emissions from Semiconductors,
TX/RX Chipsets, SAW/BAW Filters, Cell Phones,
Printers, PDA’s, etc.