Wireless Notches

K&L Microwave offers a variety of wireless notch filters for the communications marketplace, built to customers' electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications. The list below contains part numbers meeting existing industry and customer specifications. Use the quote cart to request a quote on an existing design or to provide specifications for a custom design. (Wireless notch filters are also known as wireless bandstop and wireless bandreject filters.)

WSN-00449 - Weather-Sealed Band 5 Public Safety Notch Filter

Protects Band 5 (862-869 MHz) from Band 27
High Q Design; Sharp Roll-Off
Low iNsertion Loss in Passbands
Weather-Sealed for Outdoor Use

WSN-00321 - AMPS Interference Notch Filter (824-893.7 MHz)

Dielectrically loaded waveguide elliptic design
High selectivity and low insertion loss
High power handling; DC bypass; temperature stabilized
Add-on between base station and tower-top amp/antenna
Passes full AMPS band; 40dB rej from 894.3 to 895.7 MHz

WSN-00132 - CDMA/GSM China Bandreject Filter (888.7-902 MHz)

Extremely Sharp Slope of Transition
between Pass and Reject Points
Very Low Insertion Loss in the Preferred Passbands
Large Power Handling

Cellular Band Fixed Notch Filter - Cellular Band Fixed Notch Filter (806-960 MHz)

Dielectrically Loaded Waveguide Designs
Very Selective -40 dB minimum@+/-100 kHz from fo
Excellent for AMPS and EGSM Test
Temperature Stabilized

WSN-00140 - GSM Interference Mitigation TX Notch Filter (880-915 & 943-980 MHz)

Elliptic Response Ceramic Notch Filter
Can be installed in Duplexed Antenna Feedline
Low Loss in Passbands - 0.75 dB Maximum
Specified Rejection 1 MHz from Passband - 25 dB Minimum

WSN-00139 - GSM Notch Filter (800-942 MHz)

Elliptic Response Ceramic Notch Filter
Can be installed in Duplexed Antenna Feedline
to suppress GSM primary/sideband energy
Very sharp transition from passband to reject band (1 MHz)
Suitable for Macro or Micro Cellular Systems

WSN-00361 - Inmarsat/Iridium Cosite Interference Filters (1616-1626 MHz)

Specifically designed for airborne cosite
interference mitigation.
Dual Bandpass Assembly
Dielectric Waveguide Resonators
Elliptic Response

WSN-00280 - NPSPAC Weather Sealed Notch Filter (DC-846.5 & 869-891.5 MHz)

A weather resistant, high performance notch filter, providing low loss in frequencies from DC to 846.5 MHz and 869 to 891.5 MHz, while rejecting the 851 to 866 MHz NPSPAC and High Site Channels. Protects Public Safety and/or Cellular sites from receiver de-sensitization.

WSN-00097 - PCS Bandreject Filter (DC-1880 & 2000-2200 MHz)

Testing and Calibration Filter
70 dB Rejection of PCS Frequencies
Very Low Insertion Loss in Passband Region
Designed for High Power Test Applications

3DRPN-1710.2/U3-N/N - DCS/PCS Band Fixed Notch Filter (DCS 1710-1880, PCS 1850-1990 MHz)

Dielectrically Loaded Waveguide Designs
Very Selective - 40 dB minimum @ +/-100 KHz from f0
Excellent for DCS and PCS System Test
and Spurious Response Measurements
Temperature Stabilized - Holds Specs at Thermal Extremes

WSN-00154 - Sirius & XM Radio Notch Filter (2000-2310 & 2355-2500 MHz)

Blocks Out Very High Powered Terrestrial Transmit Signals
from Sirius & XM Stations
Efficient Low Loss Notch Filter Design -
Transparent to System Performance
Low Cost Cavity Construction and Compact Size

WSN-00393 - 700 MHz Public Safety Notch Filter for LTE Systems

Elliptic Response Design; Sharp Roll-Off
High Rejection: 40 dB minimum from 763 to 775 MHz
Insertion Loss: 2 dB maximum in Passbands
Low PIM Performance: less than -150 dBc
CW: 50 Watts Average

WSN-00118 - SMR 866-869 MHz Public Safety Notch Filter (806-865 MHz)

Elliptic Response Design; Sharp Roll-Off
High Rejection; 43 dB minimum from 866 to 869 MHz
Low Loss; 0.7 dB Typical @ 865 MHz
Single, Dual and Triple Configuration
High Passband Power Handling

WSN-00112 - SMR Notch Filter for A-Band Service Providers (DC-846.5 & 869-891.5 MHz)

Specific Design for A-Side Service Providers
Elliptic Response; Sharp Roll-off; High-Power
High Rejection; >40 dB @ 851 MHz
Low Loss; 0.5 dB Typical @ 846.5 MHz
Single Sector Assembly Model Available

WSN-00198 - UHF/VHF High Power Notch Filter (100-150 & 154-500 MHz)

Positioned at the Output of a VHF-UHF Amplifier
Maintains Low-Loss Passbands
Special Features to Extend the Upper Passband
Mixed Technologies Yield Compact and Rugged Design
Narrowband VHF Hi-Q Bandreject for Interference Mitigation

WSN-00278 - UHF High Power Notch Filter (100-490 & 510-800 MHz)

Protects the Receiver from Nearby Transmit Antenna
Eliminates Unwanted Spectral Product at Transmitter End
Interference mitigation of a high power
signal protects the receiver from de-sensitization.

WSN-00084 - UMTS Notch Filters (DC-1800 & 2260-2340 MHz)

Low Insertion Loss
100 watt CW Passband Power Handling
Excellent Rejection Over Full UMTS Band
Low Intermod Rejection of -120 dBc

WSN-00049 - WLL Notch Filter (DC-2300 & 2320-2500 MHz)

40 dB Rejection Over 10 MHz Bandwidth
Low Insertion Loss - 2.0 dB maximum
100 watt CW Passband Power Handling
Ideal for Carrier Notching for Type Acceptance Testing