400 MHz - 1 GHz

N Series - Notch (Bandreject) Filter

Covers the 30 MHz to 10 GHz Frequency Range
Low Passband Insertion Loss / High Notch Attenuation
3 dB BW Available from 0.5% to 5% fo
Low Ripple Chebyshev Design Response
Use Filter Wizard to Determine Part Numbers

4DRN40-422.75/X3-O/O - High Power Ceramic Bandreject Filter

Lower Insertion Loss
Power Handling Capabilities: 100 Watts CW
Ultimate return is 1.9 times Center Frequency
Various Military Applications

6IN40-897.5/X265-O/O - Wideband Notch Filter

Uses elliptic response lumped element design techniques to enhance broadband communications, from DC to 765 MHz and 1030 to 3500 MHz, while blocking out wireless communication traffic. Configurations include surface mount, cables, or connectors. Small sizes and custom packages available.