Bandpass Filters

K&L Microwave provides bandpass filters in multiple topologies built to customers' electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications. The list below contains part numbers meeting existing industry and customer specifications, as well as product families. Use the quote cart to request a quote on a specific design. When considering a particular family of parts, use Filter Wizard (a link button will be provided when appropriate) to determine a specific part number within the given family.

6FV10-8105/H250-SM - Space Qualified Surface Mount Filter

• Cavity (TEM) Combline; High Q; low loss
• Customized footprints matched to users board material, ie: Impedance and CTE characteristics
• Hermetically Sealed
• Multipaction by design or analysis
• PWB similar to user’s (shown) is attached to the bottom of the filter using SN93 solder.

Ultra-Miniature - 428 MHz Ultra-Miniature Filter

Extremely Small In Size
All Pole Design

UB Series - Ultra-Miniature Reduced Size Surface Mount

Bandpass Introduced on Filter Wizard in May 2015
Frequency 300 to 2500 MHz, 5 to 20% Bandwidth
Lowpass Also Available, Highpass and Bandstop Soon
Contact factory for custom requirements.
"Data Sheet" has bandpass series (or see lowpass example).

LCTF Family - Thin Film Lumped Element (TFLE) Filters

2 GHz to 18 GHz; 2% to 40% Relative Bandwidth;
1.5:1 VSWR; Small Footprint; 5W Power Handling;
High IP3; SMT Applications; Broad spurious-free stopbands.
All-Pole and Elliptic Bandpass Responses.
Highpass, Lowpass, and Notch designs, as well.


B Series - Tubular Bandpass Filters

Economical Design / High Performance
2-8 Sections / 0.05 dB Chebychev Design
55 MHz to 6000 MHz / 3 dB BW 4-40%
Ruggedized Package Designs / See Dimensions
Use Filter Wizard for B Series

BTBPF for Up-Converters - Broadband Terminated BPF

Typically in up-conversion applications, matching is accomplished by placing an attenuator pad between the mixer and filter, followed later by re-amplification of the RF signal. K&L’s BTBPF eliminates the need to attenuate then re-amplify.

C Series - C Series (Narrow Bandwidth)

Covers the 60 MHz to 30 GHz Frequency Range
High "Q" Allows Narrow Bandwidth With Low Loss
"Q" Values of up to 10,000
3 dB BW Available from 0.1% to 3.5% (ƒ0)
Low Ripple Chebyshev Response / Ruggedized Package

DR Series - Dielectric Resonator Filters

Through the use of ceramic technology, this filter series
offers superior temperature stability and low insertion loss.
Available in standard packages with basic Chebychev design.
Connectors available are SMA and RF pins.
Use Filter Wizard for standard DR Series and KeL-fil.

DR Series - KeL-fil Family

KeL-fil ceramic bandpass filters are 2 to 6 section designs ranging in frequency from 270 MHz to 3000 MHz providing users with low-cost filter solutions ideally suited for wireless applications. These designs are featured in Filter Wizard.

ED Series - Interdigital (High Frequency, Broadband)

Covers the 51 MHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
3 dB BW Available from 5% to 50% of fo
Designs that cover up to 40 GHz also available
High "Q" Design Allows Small Package Size and Low Loss

FC Series - Filter in Connector

Custom Solutions for Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass,
and Notch Responses
Compact and Rigid - Filter Resides in an SMA Adaptor
External to Electronic Equipment and Easily Maintained
Power Handling 10 Watts CW

SPCL-00500 - SPCL-00500 DC Block

Convenient insertion into any system/coaxial line ...
High DC blocking voltage: >1000 VDC
High RF power handling: >50 W avg., 1000 W peak
Octave bandwidths, Low insertion loss, Low PIM, Small size
Contact factory for custom specifications.

FV Series - Combline (High Frequency, Medium Bandwidth)

Covers the 500 MHz to 40 GHz Frequency Range
Small Package, High "Q" Response
Combline Design Results in Low Insertion Loss Performance
3 dB BW Available from 3-18%
Ruggedized Package with Custom Package Designs Available

FV Series - Surface Mount Cavity Filter

Leadless, High Q, Low Loss, Excellent Ult. Rej.
Mounts on RO4003 (.012”) with 50-ohm line (.026” )
Other Types of Printed Wiring Board Available on Request
Up to 18 GHz, Relative Bandwidths up to 8%
Option to Hermetically Seal

GPS Broadband Filter - GPS Broadband Filter

Ultra Low Profile Package
Designed for Low Cost While Providing High “Q” Response
High Out of Band Attenuation Through to 5.0 GHz
Other Package Styles Available

4DR10-1227.6/U24-PX/PX - GPS Filter

Low Profile Package
Leaded Surface Mount Configuration
Designed for Low Cost While Providing High “Q” Response
Minimal Group Delay Distortion
Removal of Unwanted Signal L1 or L2 by More than 60 dB

Mini HF Bandpass - Miniature High Frequency Bandpass

18 GHz to 36 GHz (Ku, K, and Ka Bands)
5% to 25% bandwidth
Small Size; PCB Mount
Ins Loss below 3 dB, dependent on order and bandwidth

9CSP50-00003 - Helical Resonator Filter

High Selectivity
Greater than 90 dB Ultimate Rejection
Low Passband Insertion Loss
Excellent Return Loss

10CSP-305/X29-O/O - K&L Microwave Helical Resonator Filter (Cross Coupled, High Power ) Helical Resonator Filter (Cross Coupled, High Power )

High "Q" / Less Than 3% Bandwidth / Low Loss
Passband Power Level of 200 watts CW
Low Passive Intermodulation Products
Out-of-Band Rejection of 110 dB
Shock and Vibration Performance to MIL-STD 810

High Power Cavity - High Power Cavity

High Q Designs
Low Insertion Loss
Cross-Coupling Available
Rugged Construction
Pulse Shaping Designs Available

IB Series - Lumped Component Microminiature Bandpass

Covers the 30 MHz to 10 GHz Frequency Range
Small, Compact Package
Standard 3 dB BW Available from 3-15%
3 dB BW also Available up to 70% (Contact Factory)
0.05 dB Chebyshev Design

IB Series - 3IB10-487.5/TX9.8PX (Extremely Low Profile)

0.150" Vertical Height / Extremely Low Weight
Low Insertion Loss - Pin Input/Output
Rugged Design for Military Applications
Sealed for Harsh Environments / Custom Designs Available

IB Series - 5IB10-4750/T800-PX/PX

Low Profile / Surface Mount
High Frequency, Lumped Element
Secure Ground and Airborne Communications
Military and Commercial Airborne
Ground Base Radar

IB Series - 5IB10-7800/T800-PX/PX

Low Profile / Surface Mount
High Frequency, Lumped Element
Secure Ground and Airborne Communications
Military and Commercial Airborne
Ground Base Radar

IB Series - IB60 Series Surface Mount Filters

Available in Chip and Wire and Ceramic Filter Topology
Surface Mount / Suitable for Reflow Soldering
Available in Widest Variety of Designs
Pole-Placed Options Available for Tight Stop Bands
Housings in Stock, Fast Prototype and Delivery Available