Space-Qualified Filters

K&L Microwave (MPG Salisbury) has been a key supplier to space programs since the 1972 Apollo 17 lunar sounder experiment. Since that time, K&L has supported customers with high reliability filter products for integration into flight equipment, manufacturing filters for space applications in bandpass, highpass, lowpass, and bandstop configurations. All product lines offer flight filters built to customer specifications or to in-house space screening document 1074104. Filters are manufactured and tested at the Salisbury facility. Manufacturing personnel are trained to the space addendum of J-STD-001 to ensure the highest quality.

K&L is an engineer-to-order supplier of custom filter products, with vertically integrated design, manufacturing, and test facilities. K&L is AS-9100 C and ISO-14001 certified.

Testing Capabilities (partial list)

  • » Thermal Shock
  • » Thermal Cycling
  • » Vibration, Random, and Sine
  • » Mechanical Shock
  • » Multipaction at Vacuum, Critical Altitude, and/or Specified Gaseous Environments
  • » RF Power: CW and Pulse

Space Heritage

K&L has contributed to the aerospace industry for over 45 years and been part of numerous programs.

  • » Apollo 17
  • » Iridium Satellite Constellation
  • » GPS-R
  • » GPS-R (V-Sensor Program)
  • » GPS III
  • » Thuraya Satellite Communications
  • » MSV Satellite Telephony
  • » COSMO-Sky Med
  • » OCEANSAT 2
  • » SKYNET 5
  • » CHIRP
  • » Mars Opportunity Rover
  • » “P-Series” of Satellites
  • » Orion Crew Expeditionary Vehicle
  • » Soil Moisture Active Passive Satellite
  • » Mars Curiosity Rover
  • » ExoMars Rover
  • » SAOCOM Satellite
  • » SARAL Satellite

Lumped Element Filters

Lumped element filters offer a broad range of performance, both electrical and mechanical, from 0.5 to 10 GHz. Responses include bandpass, highpass, lowpass, and bandstop. Pseudo-elliptic designs allow close in-band rejection while minimizing insertion loss. Typical filters use a Chebychev transfer function, with Bessel, Gaussian, transitional Gaussian, and other specialty functions available on request. Lumped element filters can be designed to handle relatively high power levels in space environments to address multipaction concerns. For high vibration capability, filters are potted with a NASA-approved non-outgassing foam. Custom packages to fit constrained requirements are made possible by K&L’s in-house machine shop and plating facility.

Dielectric Resonator Filters

Dielectric resonator filters in packaged and open-frame designs offer high unloaded Q for their size, allowing narrow bandwidths with low insertion loss. Open-frame designs are used often in space flight applications utilizing filtering in sealed integrations. Packaged filters can be sealed to fine or gross leak hermeticity or vented, depending on customer requirements. Packaged filters are available connectorized or with gull-wing or flat-pack hermetic pins for input and output.

Cavity Filters

Cavity filters offer high unloaded Q for lowest insertion loss for a given center frequency and percentage bandwidth. Cavity filters are available in center frequencies of 30 MHz to 94 GHz and bandwidths from 0.2% to 50% of tuned center frequency. At frequencies below 30 GHz, TEM-mode resonators are utilized for narrowband applications, with evanescent mode combline structures supporting broader bandwidths. Above 30 GHz, waveguide structures typically offer best performance. Mechanical construction and low insertion loss give cavity filters exceptional power handling capabilities and, when appropriately designed, resistance to multipaction. Rugged design makes cavity filters excellent for high vibration requirements. With K&L’s vertical integration, virtually any mechanical shape can be realized for custom applications.

K&L Resources

  • » Space Brochure available for download or upon request.
  • » Internal Space Screening Document 1074104 available on request.

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