Ceramic Filters

The term ceramic filters often refers to microwave filters physically realizing electronic tank circuit designs using metallic-coated ceramics as resonators. Advantages include size and cost. K&L Microwave (MPG Salisbury) offers the KeL-fil® branded line of open-frame ceramic filters, as well as corresponding connectorized versions. (For information on the KeL-fil® line, visit this site's KeL-fil® page). The KeL-fil® and connectorized series of ceramic filters exhibit superior temperature stability and high unloaded Q for their size, offering narrow bandwidths with low insertion loss.

Another use of ceramics in filters is dielectric puck resonator cavity filters offering extremely high Q in smaller size than TEM-mode air cavity products.

The KeL-fil® series, connectorized dielectric resonator filters, and ceramic puck cavity filters are all included in the Filter Wizard® selection software, covered in the product catalog, and treated on this web site. Please contact the factory for custom requirements.

Some featured ceramic filter part numbers and families:

Some featured dielectric puck products: