Waveguide Filters and Couplers

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In general terms, waveguide technology involves the transmission of electromagnetic waves through hollow metal tubes, with the advantages of high power and low loss. Waveguide filter realizations preserve the advantages of the chosen media. Filtering occurs in a waveguide by precise changes of physical geometry such that the modes of transmission are affected in desired ways according to Maxwell's governing equations. Waveguide filters can provide remarkably narrow bandwidths.

Waveguide couplers ...

One typical design for waveguide filters consists of half-wavelength cavities separated by inductive irises.


  • » Extremely high "Q" factor can be realized
  • » Very selective devices can be made
  • » Designs cover 1 GHz to 40 GHz and well beyond

K&L offers rectangular mode waveguide in the TE 101 mode from 2.5 to 94 GHz. Types of filters offered include bandpass filters, diplexers, and lowpass filters. K&L utilizes high performance proprietary and purchased software that minimizes tuning time and maximizes performance. Diplexer configurations include “T” and “Y” junctions, as well as rectangular transmit and receive ports with circular antenna ports. Rectangular waveguides are available from 1% to 20% bandwidth with 2 to 20 sections.

Circular mode waveguide filters are TE111 mode filters available from .1% to 1.8% bandwidth. Circular filters are offered from 2 to 6 sections and are part of the C60 series of products.

Waveguide filters come with choice of connectors or flange mounts available by frequency range. K&L will create customer specific mounting applications to ensure mechanical fit to special requirements.


  • » High “Q” with low insertion loss
  • » Relative Bandwidths from 0.2% to 5%
  • » Higher Power Handling Capabilities
  • » Elliptic Response with Mixed and By-passed Modes
  • » Custom Mechanical Packages
  • » Versatile Choice of Connectorized Ports
  • » Flanges Have Less Insertion Loss Than Connectors
  • » Flanges Manufactured to Customer Requirements
  • » “No Tune” Filters are Available
  • » Custom Solutions

stringent customer demands as well as custom designs to fit the needs of the point-to-point radio market, which requires high volume product at competitive pricing. K&L also offers waveguide solutions for lower quantities with specialized applications.

K&L Microwave offers as many solutions to customer requirements as there are applications. We have several state-of-the art design packages that can meet the most K&L will quote the right solution to meet your company’s waveguide requirements. Call our factory today and discuss your specific application with our technical sales staff.

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