LTE Bands 33 to 38 Products

Band TDD Name N/A N/A Downlink Downlink
33 TD 1900 N/A N/A 1900 1920
34 TD 2000 N/A N/A 2010 2025
35 TD PCS Lower N/A N/A 1850 1910
36 TD PCS Upper N/A N/A 1930 1990
37 TD PCS Center Gap N/A N/A 1910 1930
38 TD 2600 N/A N/A 2570 2620

LTE/4G Products - LTE/4G Products

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CAV-03020 - Low Power Notch for Band 38 BBEM


Compact Design Allows Rack Mounting of Several Bands.
Suitable for Monitoring Emissions
from Semiconductors, TX/RX Chipsets, SAW/BAW Filters,
Cell Phones, Printers, PDAs, etc.
Prevents carriers from entering RX measurements.