Custom Integration Products

K&L Microwave provides a variety of custom integrations built to customers' electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications. Designs are based on standard products integrated into complex assemblies to offer turn-key solutions to advanced filtering requirements. The list below contains part numbers meeting existing industry and customer specifications, as well as product families. Use the quote cart to request a quote on an existing design or to provide specifications for a custom design.

Directional Coupler - Directional Coupler


Directional Couplers and Other Custom Waveguides
Custom mechanical packages designed
Higher Q with less insertion loss
Higher power-handling
Connectorized ports and custom flanges

Integrated Products - Integrated Products


Offer Turnkey Solutions to Advanced Filtering Requirements
Designed for Customer Specific Applications
Digital Control Options: TTL, BDC, RS-232, RS-422, GPIB, etc.
Designs Based on Standard Modules Integrated into Complex Assemblies

JTRS Combiner - JTRS Low-Loss High-Power Notch Combiner


Low-Loss High-Power Notch Combiner
Three-port broadband data, voice, and video acquisition system designed to provide seamless real-time communications among war fighters.
Mitigates RF interferences with JTIDS platforms.

7LB10-72.5/X30-O/O-LNA (7LB10-00050) - LC Filter with Integrated LNA


Covers the 51 MHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
3 dB BW Available form 5% to 50% of fo
Designs that cover up to 40 GHz also available
High "Q" Design Allows Small Package Size While Offering Low Loss

Up-/Down-Converter - Up-/Down-Converter


Narrowband and Wideband Filtering
Compact Size
Rugged Design for Military Applications
Terminated IF Diplexer for Maximum IP3 Performance
Frequency Ranges: 10 MHz to 18 GHz
Integrated Low-Noise Amplifiers and Switches
LO Pre-amp and Multiplexers

3CP-7100/8500-V/V - Waveguide Coupler


Waveguide Directional Couplers allow signals to be split or sampled without leaving the waveguide medium.
This improves V.S.W.R. match and reduces insertion loss as compared to other types of couplers.
WR-137 to WR-28 and 3 dB to 40 dB coupling