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JTIDS/MIDS Triple Band Bandpass Filter


Passband 962 to 1215
Notches at 1030 and 1090 MHz
-40 to -55 dB Notch Depth
Power Handling 400 Watts Peak
Size: 1.5” x 1.75” x 8.0”  (excluding connectors)
Qualified for Jet Fighter Applications

4G LTE Products and Emission Monitoring Test Solutions

Test Set Solutions

Emission monitoring is critically important. For effective monitoring, high-power base station OEMs and low-power chipset OEMs have traditionally required expensive test boxes operating in the 3GPP and LTE bands, respectively. K&L has developed specialized low-PIM equipment supporting affordable custom alternatives and continues to expand LTE and 3GPP/4G product offerings.

Tunable Filters

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K&L Microwave offers a variety of Tunable Filter Products to satisfy a broad range of filtering applications. Tunable Bandpass and Bandreject filters provide the best solution for pre-tuning desired signals while rejecting interfering signals. The method of tuning can be either mechanical via a tuning knob mounted on the front of the filter, or electro-mechanical via an optional remote [More...]